Yogesh Chavarkar: A Profile on Experience and Excellence

Before the "Thriving in a Post Pandemic World" webinar series comes up on August 6th, (which you should definitely Sign Up for, btw) we'd like to introduce you to our first speaker, Yogesh Chavarkar.

With over 25 years of professional IT experience and 15 years of proven specialization in Cyber Incident Response and Digital Forensics for a Fortune 50 Corporation, Yogesh Chavarkar is a team leader and a family man with a passion for communication and making complex ideas more accessible.

He currently works as a Lead Information Security Engineer in ICS Security & SIEM at General Electric Digital.

Yogesh graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics, Microprocessors & Digital Design from University of Mumbai, India before moving to the United States to receive an MSIA-IRDF from Cyber CAE at Walsh College, MI. He is also a candidate pursuing a PhD in Cybersecurity from Eastern Michigan University.

Yogesh has a keen sense of Cyber Risk Engineering & Management. He has been driving results focused solutions for 15 yrs by managing business risk mitigation with cyber defense and offense activities in Cloud, ITOT and OnPrem Infrastructure, sensoring, application security, threat hunting and data loss prevention.

He has also engineered technology and process compliance for HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, and NERC-CIP.

Outside of work, Yogesh spends his time with his equally career-driven wife and two kids. In his spare time, Yogesh enjoys a number of hobbies and side projects. Being an engineer and maker at heart, he puts his degree to work on IOT (Internet of Things) projects and is an amateur astronomer and astro-photographer.

He also takes his time to inspire the youth with his organizations as the founder of the Builder Guild Maker Community and the LightBenders astronomy hobby community.

You can contact Yogesh at Yogesh@builderguild.net or on LinkedIn. Sign Up for the webinar on "Thriving in a post pandemic world" before August 6th to see his presentation on Cybersecurity.