Where We Work & How We Work – Three Generations of the Workforce

Madhuri Deshpande

The millennials have arrived and, with them, comes new attitudes shaping where and how we work. This is clearly a unique time for workforce generational diversity as we witness three generations of workforces growing and learning and shaping the future of work. The Baby Boomers are driving decisions, Generation X’ers are driving innovation and, now, the Millennials are shaping the nature of work and the workplace. Sometimes it is harmonious and other times disruptive. In any case it is the future of work.

In the past few months, some revealing surveys and articles about the workforce have been published with surprising results and revealing insights. Most recently, the ComputerWorld 2015 Best Places to Work in IT Survey was published. This includes companies of all sizes and it is a fun, revealing article to learn about the nature of work today. Another article with similar themes is “The Myths, exaggeration and uncomfortable truths – The real story behind Millennials in the workplace”from IBM. These articles and surveys are also covered in Fortune, Entrepreneur and Huntington Post, so it is pretty clear these are important issues for the workforce and job market today.

These surveys shed new light on how we work and how we want to work. The choices are diverse with an array of companies that range in style, attitude and flexibility. The surveys also review the way we work and how we build new products. Jobseekers now have a new diverse set of options for where and how they work. And technology companies are leading the charge in growing and adapting the workplace for this multi-generational employment era.

In the IBM survey, some of the myths about millennials are busted with their survey. Millennials, in many ways, are similar to previous generations – sharing career goals, respect and trust in the workplace. There is also a revealing set of three uncomfortable truths that came from this survey and they also shed a new awareness for all employers and employees. These same truths have driven the need for change in many of the popular companies in the “Computerworld Best Places to Work survey.”

“Uncomfortable truth 1: Employees are in the dark. Many aren’t sure they understand their organization’s business strategy — and their leaders are partly to blame. More than half of the people we surveyed don’t fully understand key elements of their organization’s strategy, what they’re supposed to do or what their customers want.”

“Uncomfortable truth 2: All three generations think the customer experience is poor. We asked our respondents to rate their organization’s effectiveness on a number of factors such as workforce diversity and attention to environmental and societal concerns. The results were favorable, with a single big exception: employees of every generation think their enterprise handles their customer experience poorly.”

“Uncomfortable truth 3: Employees of all ages have embraced the technological revolution, but organizations are slow to implement new applications. As more Millennials have embarked on their careers, expectations of a technological revolution in the workplace have increased. However, only 4 percent of respondents claim their organization has no issues implementing new technologies. Most cite the impact new technologies would have on their customer experience as the key inhibitor.”

So how does all this affect the IT job seekers? Quite simply, there is a significant need for a wide range of skills and roles – from new technology development skills and innovation to flexible work environments and leadership skills. At GDI, we continually monitor our clients as they evolve with new ideas for their own work environments. We implement our matchmaking methods with technology based on multi-faceted criteria that goes beyond the job description. We take into account the environment, the skills, job growth and quality of life criteria such as commute time.  We all have the same goals – to grow and make an impact in our jobs and life. Simple truths for a new exciting era of work.

Madhuri Deshpande is the President of Technology Solutions at GDI Infotech. She has built extraordinary solutions for companies of varying sizes, in different verticals and at various stages of their life cycle from start-up to second stage growth companies to well-established mature companies. Click here to connect with Madhuri on Linkedin

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