Where Does Workflow Automation Fit?

Even though I have stacks of papers, brochures, business cards, unopened mail on my desk (don’t smirk, I know you have it too), I can tell you when a new paper crops up. Usually it’s someone asking to do a quick review of something. In our highly automated world, such a thing is anomaly. So, when I visit other companies or hear from others how their day is driven by interruptions and how they have to constantly send reminders to colleagues about the next step, I am baffled why are their business processes driven by manual interventions, why aren’t they automating their workflow.

There are thousand ways to run a business and projects within that business. Companies, big and small   prefer to run their own business processes – some prefer manual workflow, some don’t. I have thought about what the reasons might be for not automating the workflow.  There are quite a few reasons why you can’t automate your workflow:

  1. Your business processes are people-centric. Typically, when there are only a handful of people who make decisions in the organization, all business processes must revolve around their schedule.

  2. All team members are in the same physical location, always available to each other.

  3. There are no repetitive processes in your workflow. When you have to create custom business process for everything, you can’t really automate your business processes.

  4. Your data doesn’t need to flow from one step to the next, it is produced and consumed at the same stage.

  5. Your team hates the workflow automation software that you have which forces them alter the way they do things and creates more problems than it solves.

Typically, organizations choose workflow automation for the sake of the data they produce and need to integrate from one step in the project to the next or from one project to the next. Though there are tons of benefits attributed to automation from efficiency improvement to team morale improvement, it is the efficient use of data and ability to drive business decisions using data insights, that are the most cited drivers for business process automation.

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