Venture Funded Leading Social Business Platform Company

The Challenge

This venture funded enterprise needed to accelerate the launch of a product in a new, highly competitive field of social business software. They needed a product team skilled in a burgeoning social software market. They had an aggressive schedule and wanted to quickly compete to be a leader in the market.

The Goals

The overall goal was to quickly develop a robust initial product platform that could continually grow its functionality to support continually changing requirements. The founder’s investors needed to make a significant splash to gain initial traction.

The GDI Team

The company selected GDI as the Talent Acquisition and Talent Management partner to create the product team. The team included developers skilled in Java and .Net development. GDI was the sole source provider and managed the team and the development. There were designers, developers, QA and PLM. GDI recruited, retained and managed a sizable team of developers over the ensuing years of fast growth for the company.

The Solution and Process

GDI sourced the team and managed the development of the social business platform that quickly became a market leader. GDI was the single source product development partner managing the product development team. With a new and exciting field, the team needed to learn new skills quickly to stay ahead of growing competition.

The Results

The social business company became a leader in the market and quickly expanded to new areas of social business. GDI managed the development of this software with the same high quality organization. The company is still a leader today, retaining many of the original team members.

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