Thriving In A Post Pandemic World: Cybersecurity

On Thursday, August 6th, GDI will host a brand new webinar series. The first topic will be on Cybersecurity Considerations for App migration in the Cloud space by Yogesh Chavarkar from General Electric Digital. If you haven't signed up yet, register here

It will be part of our Thriving in a Post Pandemic World series. We picked this because we want to be focused on the future of technology and how it affects us as we prepare for a new normal.

One thing that businesses need to be focused on is not just surviving as a business but thriving as well. How do you make the most difference for your community and your company while offering services that they need to succeed? How do you get the right talent to guide you toward the future? How can you take advantage of the technology at hand whole protecting proprietary information and your employee’s privacy?

These are just a few of the questions that we aim to answer in this series. We’re doing this because it is vital that we get this information out there so we that companies feel ready and prepared for what the next business landscape looks like. We believe that it's going to be fundamentally shaped by technology.

As we mentioned earlier, for this first webinar, we have the pleasure of having GDI alum and Cybersecurity Expert, Yogesh Chavarkar. At General Electric he serves as their lead

Information Security Engineer and has been working in the Cybersecurity industry for a bit over 25 years. Feel free to read more about Yogesh in this article here.

His topic is on Cybersecurity considerations with app migration to the cloud. It will cover various items business and IT professionals alike need to look out for as well as the many ways to migrate to the cloud and the cost-effectiveness of certain decisions in the process. There's going to be something for everyone so don't miss out!

Be sure to tune in to our webinar on August 6th to see more from Yogesh and be a part of our Thriving in a Post Pandemic World webinar series. We’d love to have you there.

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