The Results are In: Your Responses to Our Employment Polls

Throughout the past month, we have conducted several forced-choice polls about employment-related issues via our social media channels. Today the results are in! Let’s take a closer look at your answers and see what we can learn.

A high salary versus a desirable location

This one is almost a tie. Slightly more candidates are motivated by salary than by location. The pros of having a better salary are pretty obvious, but may be particularly beneficial to those starting families or supporting others. Also, the “I’ll travel to any location” mentality is fairly common amongst young professionals, whose careers are just starting to take off. Given the right opportunity, a few years in an undesirable location may result in a much more valuable resume.

A strong resume versus solid references

67% of people surveyed believe that a resume is stronger than having solid references. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worthwhile to mention the importance of networking. Having solid references not only provides you with resume proof, but your references are also people who can help you find better opportunities. Your resume is ultimately your key to getting hired, but your references and network can be critical in helping you figure out where to put that key.

Salary and bonuses versus opportunity for growth

Another almost-tie. A candidate’s preferences towards salary and bonuses or opportunity for growth may be influenced by the maturity of their career. Younger candidates may derive a higher value from a position with high opportunity for growth, in the hopes that down the road their salary and compensation structure will catch up. Alternatively, a seasoned and skilled candidate has plenty of reason to choose a higher rate of pay, rather than learn a new set of skills.

The Results

The fact that our survey questions aren’t getting completely one-sided results could mean that we are asking tricky questions, but it might also mean that our survey population consists of an even mix of candidates across the career stages. This is something we’ll explore more deeply in the coming months.

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Thanks for reading!