The Nightmare Before The Weekend

Reader Beware - You're in for a scare. Here's an all too familiar horror story about deleting a file that should never have been touched. The Onosecond... It's the second right after you've made a terrible mistake. It's the second when you realize there is no way to take back what you did. It's the second when the now inevitable consequences assault your mind as you realize there's nothing you can do except to say... "Oh No."

We've probably had that moment. Could've been a text that never should've been sent, an email to your boss you can't undo, a cookie you left in the oven for 2 hours... …or a file that never should've been deleted. This is the story of one man's Onosecond. One moment, where a sequence of innocent human errors lead to devastating panic.

It started like any other normal day. John walked into the office, coffee in one hand, laptop bag with a spare keyboard and mouse in the other. It was supposed to be a simple day. John had just started working as a front end developer. He was the type of person that enjoyed clear spaces. It helped him focus. He read all his emails, checked all his notifications, emptied all his trash and his junk folders. He never had any issues when it came to storage space. Every project he finished always had a back-up which helped him save even more space on his system. Today was a casual Friday with a casual workload. The night before, he had just hit save on a large project on his laptop. He'd been working all week on it and was really looking forward to wrapping up and enjoying a nice weekend. All he had to do now was show up to work in a Star Wars hoodie and a pair of jeans, sit at his desk, do minor optimization on a webpage, transfer those large files from his laptop to the office server, back them up to the cloud and call it a day. He finished working on the webpages early. He made good time. Enough time to let those files transfer while he goes off to grab lunch with his coworker. He smiles to himself, "Everyday should be this easy". The file to transfer was 20GB. Would probably take about an hour to transfer. His coworker walks by. It's time for lunch. As he waved hello, he pushed a button on his keyboard and stood up to grab his stuff. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the progress bar flick on and dashed off to eat lunch with his friend. The progress bar was complete before John got to the door... . . .

When he got back from lunch, the progress bar was complete as expected. All he had to do now was back it up to the cloud. But wait...

The recycle bin was full. Weird.

John never let his recycle bin get full. There was no way there was anything in there worth salvaging. If there was a file in there, it deserved to be there. So he did the next logical thing. He emptied the recycle bin.

Now that he had officially completed that task, there was only one thing left to do. Backup the files to the cloud like he originally wanted to. Only one problem: There were no files to back up. You see, John here had made a mistake.

He had one of those keyboards that kept the enter key right next to the delete key. In his excitement over going to lunch, he hit the wrong key while waving at his friend. The odds of something like this happening to anyone were low, yet somehow it happened to him. The action that brought clarity to his work was also the very thing that caused his dreadful mistake. John would spend the rest of his weekend trying to recover what was lost. But he would never be able to recover the lost weekend. Happy Halloween! Make sure you back up those files first.