Not Another Blog About Social Media!

Are you doing it right?

Yes, I’m as tired as you are about the blogs about social media, often posted on social media! So, we decided to take a look at some hard survey results and numbers reported in two surveys on – you guessed it – social media! Because, let’s face it, as candidates looking for jobs, as hiring managers looking for people for their projects, as recruiters looking for the next stellar candidate, we all need to use social media.

The first survey that I came across used large-scale questionnaires and collected responses from over 31,000 job seekers and over 4000 recruiters, spread across 26 countries.  The second was smaller and contained just over 1100 responses, mainly from the USA. Both surveys focused on the rise of internet-based job boards, social media sites such as Facebook, professional social networks, and LinkedIn.

The researchers behind the larger survey were investigating whether social recruiting practices have offered wide-reaching powers to the recruiters, who have access to unprecedented amounts of information about applicants through social media platforms; whereas the other focused on whether employers’ investments in social media were on or off target.

One of the key findings was that a larger number of recruiters used content available online about candidates for his/her reputational evaluation of the job-seekers. Two key associated findings from the second survey make this point clear. First, both employers and candidates have come to accept that certain channels are appropriate for social recruiting. And second, the number of tools available to candidates for searching companies and recruiters, as well as the usage of such tools, is on the rise. This levels the field.

In a nutshell, the take-aways for project managers and hiring managers are:

  1. Look for social media sites that are appropriate for your industry.

  2. If you don’t know which sites are appropriate, follow the path beaten by the candidates to find them.

  3. Don’t use social media just to find candidates, use it to broadcast your corporate values.

And the take-aways for the job-seekers are:

  1. Maintain consistent social profiles across different channels

  2. Join professional networking groups on social media

  3. Take time to talk to the hiring manager / recruiter and understand the company culture, better yet find someone who is working there.

by Swatee Kulkarni GDI Infotech