Network and Telecom Specialist

Network and Telecom Specialist with CISCO Voice and CCNA / CCNP

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GDI Infotech is an award-winning IT consulting and staffing firm headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a track record of creating innovative software and staffing solutions for our clients. We have a variety of IT-driven opportunities available, including a Network & Telecom Specialist with CISCO Voice and CCNA / CCNP position.

GDI Infotech is a tier 1 preferred vendor with the State of Michigan, boasting 15 years of service and many connections and relationships within the organization. As a candidate, your application will attract a high level of attention appropriate to the reputation that GDI has built with the State.

  1. Employment options include: w2 with full benefits, 1099 or corp to corp.

  2. Benefits include: 1st day Blue Cross for medical, 401k (dollar for dollar match), and PTO


This position involves commuting! The adventurous type who enjoys pathfinding and travelling is encouraged to apply. To help you succeed in this position, we will incorporate a weekly ‘spending money’ allowance into your compensation to cover any hotels, dining out, or any other expenses while on the road. This will be given to you regardless of whether or not you made any expenditures. The State will provide you with a company car, and will pay for all of your mileage.


Job Description:

  1. The Consultant(s) will work closely with technical teams in the Network and Telecommunication Services Division to provide a consistently functioning, managed IP network, support IT and business initiatives and perform high-level problem resolution for multiple State departments and agencies.

  2. Manage or coordinate installation, upgrade, or deployment projects, create and update technical support documentation, utilize scripted installation techniques for large deployments.

  3. Assist network engineers in troubleshooting difficult or time-sensitive problems


  1. Submit Request for Change

  2. Hardware refresh

  3. IOS update

  4. Submit Request for Change

  5. NAC configuration

  6. Implementation

  7. Complete documentation

Required Skills

  1. Strong experience with Cisco Network and IP Telephony equipment and configuration. Other system experience may be required (e.g. with Checkpoint Firewalls and/or F5 Load Balancing equipment).

  2. Strong experience utilizing network management systems and network tools (e.g., Solarwinds NPM, Cisco Call Manager, IP Control, etc.) and an understanding of SNMP.

  3. Expert knowledge of IP and application protocols (e.g. TCP, UDP, HTTP, SSL). Expert knowledge of the OSI model. Dynamic Routing protocols – EIGRP, OSPF, BGP. Layer 2 protocols – LACP, LLDP, CDP, MPLS, STP. TCP/UDP/ICMP operation and troubleshooting. Application protocols – HTTP, SSL, DNS, NFS, CIFS.

  4. Excellent communication, organization and project management skills.

  5. CCNP or equivalent knowledge and hands on experience.

  6. In-depth knowledge of IP Telephony technologies.

  7. Above average ability to interpret and apply technical instructions and guidelines to job performance; extreme attention to details is essential.

Additional details:

  1. This is a traveling role. This person will be traveling all over Michigan about 80% of the week.

  2. These will be 40 hour work weeks and will have flexible hours due to shifts.

  3. There will be night and weekend work.

  4. Expected to be at home base in Lansing on Fridays.

  5. This person will be given a State company car and will not be required to pay for fuel.

  6. Interviews will be conducted on Feb 21 and 22.


Why apply with GDI?

We take care of our consultants. With GDI, you are offered

  1. First-day Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage

  2. GDI assisted professional development

  3. PTO

  4. 401k, dollar for dollar match

  5. Hiring flexibility: 1099, corp to corp, W2 with full benefits

  6. Advocacy from a trusted SOM partner

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