Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

By Madhuri Deshpande

TalentMatch – A new age for matchmaking

In 1964, the play, Fiddler on the Roof, had its debut performance, with the signature song being “Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match; Look through your book, and make me the perfect match . . .”

Fast forward 50 years and the Matchmaker is still a major player in bringing people together. In this case, recruiters matching talent with businesses that need new skills for new, emerging opportunities.  The stakes are pretty high also – a perfect marriage of talent, skills and personality can be the difference in a company’s success. The wrong recruits can slow a business down. In 2015, we have seen a resurgence in companies needing skilled, reliable people that will grow and contribute to the long term success of the company. And it’s a major challenge.

Technology is driving demand for new skills

There are numerous articles and presentations about the changing workforce and even the changing nature of work. Technology tied to Big Data and the Internet of Things is driving a surge in jobs requiring new technology skills as well as the complementary skills that support technology development. In very recent surveys and studies from Human Capital and HR analysts, this is a common thread. Hiring critical talent is at the top of their list. In a recent Mclean & Company survey for “2015 HR Trends & Priorities”, Learning & Development and Talent Acquisition topped the list for 2015 HR budgets. A Bersin by Deloitte presentation, “Ten Disruptions in HR Technology” also noted the top five talent priorities included Gaps in Leadership Pipeline, Retention & Engagement, Reinvent Learning & Development, Reskilling HR, and Talent Acquisition. It’s clear that employers are seeking a longer term investment in people to fuel their growth. And we are meeting that challenge.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match

At GDI, we are focused on meeting the burgeoning demands of finding the right talent to meet the burgeoning requirements of our stakeholders – the hiring companies and the candidates. We know the hiring companies are seeking specific skills and, even more critical, they are looking for the right person to learn and grow with the company.  They are seeking a long term investment because continually growing skills and future leaders make good business sense in this age of fast growing technology.

We have also invested in new technology to meet these multi-faceted requirements. We can no longer just “look through our book” (databases) and “make the perfect match.” We’ve acquired a new software product called InfoReady TalentMatch™. It gives us the ability to find talent based on innovative matchmaking technology that doesn’t just look for key skills and product experience. TalentMatch recognizes the progression of skills in our candidates and the in-depth experience they have acquired. This is known as “context and relevancy” matchmaking – unique features for the talent acquisition software industry. We can identify the right skills and, now the right person(s) with capacity to grow and learn with our clients’ critical focus on learning, development and talent acquisition.  It no longer is a mystical skill by the “Matchmaker”. Businesses are growing and the skills needed to support the growth and new technology are in high demand.  Matching the right job candidate for the right organization is meant to create long term success.  We are growing as well.  We’re the new Matchmaker.

Madhuri Deshpande is the President of Technology Solutions at GDI Infotech. She has built extraordinary solutions for companies of varying sizes, in different verticals and at various stages of their life cycle from start-up to second stage growth companies to well-established mature companies. Click here to connect with Madhuri on Linkedin

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