Major National Banking and Financial Services Company

The Challenge

This Major Bank & Financial Services company wanted to implement a new risk management system replacing a combination of 17 different systems tied to multiple risk domains such as credit, operational and other business areas.

The Goals

The overall goal and scope of the project was to assess the needs of the new system, gathering business requirements from multiple stakeholders and departments. This also included an analysis of shortcomings of the current system, features required, assessing the needs of the new platform implementation and selecting the platform.

The GDI Team

GDI sourced, hired and managed a team of business analysts, project managers, and functional and technical specialists. GDI also built a new data warehouse and data management team. GDI identified and recruited a team with banking domain and technology experience. The team was managed as a single-source procurement engagement. The group was made up of employees and contractors from sub-vendors. GDI managed the team, payroll, deliverables and client reporting.

The Solution and Process

The team of over 15 people included contract-to-hire, permanent and purchase contract consultants that were in charge of building the data warehouse. The team did the analysis, functional and departmental interviews, and built the product plan. They developed and implemented the data warehouse and new risk management system over 4 years, which included multiple SOWs for new employees and contractors from sub-vendors.

The Results

The project was completed and the new risk management platform and data warehouse is in use today. Many team members were subsequently employed with the company.

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