Major Health Care Insurance Provider

The Challenge

This Major Health Care Insurance Provider embarked on an enterprise simplification project with a primary focus to replace legacy systems with newer systems and methods. The overall goal was to speed up processing time and make the process easier for the end users.

The systems included claims processing, risk management/processing and insurance administration. This required analysis of their current IT systems, processes and the goals of the future technology. The client wanted to engage a group of business analysts and project managers who understood the insurance industry and the leading technology solutions.

The Goals

The overall goal of this major strategic initiative was to re-tool the complete process and migrate to new systems that would be more efficient and easier to use.

The GDI Team

GDI established the criteria, sourced and built a cross functional team of 20+ business analysts, systems analysts and technology experts who had experience and understood the insurance industry and technology. GDI, as a single source provider, built the functional team, then hired and managed the project for the client, including team management, assessment, payroll and overall direction.

The Solution and Process

The team interviewed users, IT staff, and internal and external stakeholders. They compiled and mapped out the requirements, gathered data, and documented all aspects from high level to low level. They mapped the requirements to the new technology. This was a multi-year engagement and all the team members were engaged to the completion. Over the project’s lifespan, there was continual improvement of the processes as well.

The Results

The new system has been delivered to completion and is currently operational as the overall service platform for the company. Many members of the team are currently employed in the organization today.

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