Major Cable Company and Custom Software Partner

The Challenge

This major cable, communications and TV services company needed to implement a customer service platform and customer management system. This platform was to be built and implemented by a national custom software development partner. The mainscope of this project required acquiring a large team of product developers, engineers and development support staff.

The Goals

The overall goal and scope of the project was to build a worldclass customer service and customer management platform to support the needs of the cable company. With specific requirements and the information access needed for servicing their customers, they needed a solution that would support and deliver a world-class customer experience.

The GDI Team

The system would be developed and deployed by the custom software company. GDI sourced the team to support this development. GDI hired and managed a team of business analysts, software engineers and QA lifecycle product development professionals. GDI was the single source product development partner for this Integrator, managing vendors, consultants and product development. GDI was the sole Talent Acquisition partner with over 35 people over a few years.

The Solution and Process

GDI managed the development and implementation teams during this engagement. The GDI team worked with the custom software partner to manage, test and implement the deliverables. The scope was broad and GDI managed every stage of the product development, testing and software implementation.

The Results

The Cable company currently offers world-class customer support with customer service centers worldwide. Hundreds of agents work with customers through the system daily. The project was delivered and implemented over a few years with no operational problems encountered. Many team members were also subsequently employed with the company for additional projects.

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