Major Books and Music Retailer

The Challenge

This major books and music seller needed to develop and implement a new software testing methodology with a quality assurance and testing team built around a collaborative methodology. They needed to support their core merchandising platform to meet the growing information system demands from the market.

The Goals

The overall goal was to quickly build out the QA and testing team. They also needed to support and refine the testing methodology and implement training throughout the IT department.

The GDI Team

The company selected GDI as the Talent Acquisition and Talent Management partner to staff QA and testing experts for manual and automated technology testing. The team included over 15 experts over many years. This included refining training and testing methodologies throughout the IT department. GDI recruited, retained and managed this sizable team through the coming years.

The Solution and Process

GDI sourced the team and staffed the department over many years of operation. GDI was the single source talent management partner managing the full testing department in all aspects of administration. This managed services team was in place over many years.

The Results

The team implemented and managed a successful quality and testing methodology for the company over a long period of years with GDI managing the team.

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