Last week, we asked you to fill out a poll.

The results have let us know what resources to provide for you.

An overwhelming majority of you are actively looking for a job. This tracks with what we know is happening with the US economy at the moment. Many people are either out of a job or are looking for a career change.

Given this, we’re creating a new resources page so that job seekers can have the material they need to find the jobs they’re looking for. Material on the page will range from optimizing your LinkedIn profile, to crafting your resume, to prepping for interviews. Everything we put there will be geared toward professional growth and personal development. 

The material will be relevant to most audiences, but seeing as we’re a company in the tech industry, that’s where most of our focus will be.

You’ll also see some material on Project Management courtesy of Ivy Lewis from ZL-Consulting. For more from her, visit her YouTube channel.

We’re looking forward to serving you more in the coming days. So, stay tuned!