Despite The Pandemic, IT Professionals Are Still In Demand.

The last few months have been quite frustrating for the nation.

36.5 million people have filed for unemployment over the last 8 weeks. The unemployment rate has hit 14.7% and is expected to grow even higher. Companies across the country have had to cut costs by letting employees go. At the same time, they've been scrambling to find an effective online workflow that keeps their employees safe while allowing them to interact with customers and maintain business as usual. To facilitate this digital move, they need IT Professionals with the necessary experience to act as a technical backbone for their organizations.

As a result, there's been a sustained demand for IT Professionals with backgrounds that support the tech that's needed now. For example, people with experience in Cybersecurity or Cloud Solutions are still being sought after because they offer solutions to the problems these companies are seeing right now.

What does that tell us?

Two things:

  1. Due to the pandemic, IT Professionals and the services they offer have become more essential than ever.

  2. Now is as good a time as any to find that tech job you've been looking for.

The tech industry isn't immune to layoffs. About 112,00 people in the IT Industry have lost their jobs during this time. These are among the highest in the tech industry's history. But that's still less than 1% of the country's 12.1 million tech-related workforce. Tech jobs are going to bounce back faster than jobs in any other industry just because of how crucial those jobs are for the development of any organization.

So, don't fret. If you're invested in the tech industry, are looking for people to work with you or you're just job hunting, keep at it. Technology jobs are here to stay even if they may be slow for the time being. For now, focus on developing your portfolio and be an active part of spaces that showcase what you do.

Stay safe!