IT Insights for Business Decision Makers


Recently, Kelly Services produced their, ” survey. Insight from the minds of 10,500+ IT professionals” Insight into what your employees want is key to retaining and recruiting the top talent. Here are our top 3 takeaways that showcase what IT professionals want in their workplace and from their employer.

IT professionals want the total package Though 87% of employees said that their biggest attraction to a position was salary and benefits, work-life balance and professional growth were also top factors. When asked why they would leave a company besides salary and benefits, IT professionals cited a lack of professional advancement and inadequate work-life balance as the top two deciding factors. Simply put, to attract and retain top talent, your organization not only needs to offer a competitive salary and benefits package, but also complimentary training opportunities and have a flexible work environment.

They’re all about advancement IT professionals want to learn skills that will take them to the next level, rather than just receiving a higher title. According to the survey 62% of workers said that they would even give up higher pay to have more flexible upward mobility. This comes as a challenge to the current workforce, where more than half of the employees rated their company low in upward mobility.

They’re always on the prowl Even if they’re content in their new position, almost 50% of the survey participants stated that they actively search for external career opportunities. 50% also said that they used a third party, such as GDI Infotech, to apply for their most recent position. This is why it’s important to work with a staffing company that not only knows your requirements and processes but that can deliver qualified candidates with speed, quality, and retention.