How Staffing Companies Impact Economic Development

By Swatee Kulkarni

Have you ever wondered how staffing companies impact economic development? Here’s 3 ways:

Connecting jobseekers and employers to spur growth

As we look at the last few years, with perfect hindsight, we see that the State of Michigan experienced one of nation’s biggest economic comebacks.  The number of open jobs sky-rocketed, the companies in different sectors started hiring in droves and the number of college / university students graduating with job-in-hand went up. Overall a very positive picture for the employment market.

Positive job booms are generally enabled by staffing companies – the companies that actually match open jobs to people looking for the jobs.  The staffing industry isn’t just good for our economy; it is  an essential industry that provides valuable flexibility and vital support for businesses while creating opportunities and flexibility for employees. The industry contributes nearly $120 billion to the U.S. economy through temporary and contract staffing, search and permanent placement services.

The Challenge

Most companies, especially those needing to hire immediately, don’t know where to look for qualified people. The tools that are supposed to help you hire accurately, are also very confusing to use and difficult to integrate in your environment. On the other hand, the candidates who are looking for jobs, can’t possibly search all internet sites, websites of different companies and job boards.  It is overwhelming and they end up looking at the same opportunities, while not finding others.  It is the perfect storm of frustration.

Breaking the Impasse

Staffing companies have the experience, skills and tools to match those looking for jobs with those looking to hire. According to the American Staffing Association, staffing companies put nearly three million employees to work in America’s offices, factories, hospitals, warehouses, and jobsites.  Virtually every place that Americans work, staffing employees are on the job. How do they do that?  With the benefit of constantly evolving technology, they have latest matchmaking tools available for recruiters. However, even with technology, the best staffing companies apply their experience, instincts and their secret sauce of personal touch and business knowledge.

As the Michigan economy continues to grow, the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry in Michigan and nationwide provides that vital support needed for businesses to grow and prosper.  The jobseekers win and the economy wins.  The best results for all.

Written by Swatee Kulkarni. Swatee has over 20 years of experience in the technology field. As a Principal and founding member of GDI, Swatee has been working with GDI Infotech, Inc. in varied areas such as corporate recruiting, business analysis and solution development and marketing.

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