How HR Managers & Recruiters Can Increase LinkedIn Engagement

Stefanie Mitchell

Become more active on LinkedIn and increase engagement with our GDI LinkedIn Challenge.

When I mention “social media engagement” to the HR managers or recruiters, I sometimes garner responses such as, “You mean, receiving a marriage proposal over social media?” Though amusing, this reminds me that to some, social media engagement is a foreign term. LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms that is trying to change the way that we see social. It goes far beyond sharing what we ate for dinner or posting anecdotes about our kids. Social media is driving a business revolution.

Among the social media heavyweights,  LinkedIn is my favorite social media platforms, simply because it’s all about business. You can easily connect with top executives, former colleagues, view connections, arrange meetings, research prospects, and source candidates. Correspondingly, LinkedIn can be utilized as a powerful tool for your own personal branding. I know many can be reluctant to give social media a chance (after all, cold calling and researching directories are a lot more fun, right?) so I’ve decided to give you a LinkedIn challenge. Are you ready?

GDI Infotech’s 5 Day LinkedIn Challenge:


Complete your profile. Add a professional headshot or work selfie, think of a creative headline, add the details of your professional experience, including major accomplishments and your skills.


Be social. Comment on a connection’s post, share a company’s blog article, share informative articles, and create conversations.


Join LinkedIn groups related to your industry. It’s easy to find professionals in any field through LinkedIn groups. If you’re really feeling social (like I hope you are), create your own group that’s relevant to your industry or niche.


Find content to post for the following week. Schedule your posts through a social media management program like Buffer. Try to come up with one post a day.


Tap into your inner blogger and think of some topics you can write about that would be beneficial to professionals in your indusry. If you can’t come up with anything, take 30 minutes to free-write. Do this at least once a week and you’ll have material for a blog post in no time.

With social media, you have to be engaged to receive more engagement. The key is to be social. Take this challenge and you’ll be on your way to becoming a social media influencer in no time. Do you have any suggestions that we should add to the challenge? Let me know in the comments.

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