Hire Remote Workers. They're Essential Too.

There was a time when videos like this one were just funny:

They're still funny 😂

But now, for a lot of us working from home, it's relatable. Balancing the responsibilities of maintaining a household while simultaneously doing a good job at work is difficult. Any separation of space for work duties, household responsibilities, and relaxation feels superficial. That, combined with the stay at home orders, creates a monotony of waking up, eating, working and sleeping within the four walls of your home.

Despite this, apart from the essential workers doing an amazing job keeping our groceries, healthcare and society intact, working remotely is becoming the norm. A lot of businesses have just figured out, or are beginning to figure out, how to maintain their workflow online. Those who can work remotely are doing so. The Covid-19 crisis has forced a lot of companies to commit to making necessary investments in technology. Which means there are now more companies in need of people to help them make that transition.

The cost of conversion is big, but the benefits in the long run are numerous. You can read more about that in this viral article from Sam Lessin.

Given those circumstances, there are three things to keep in mind for businesses that intend to stay afloat:

  1. Gradually transition to a remote model: Over the past few years, futurists have claimed that the future is online. Well, it turns out that future is now. Transitioning to a remote/online model of business is going to be crucial going forward. Brick and mortar establishments still have their place. But for those who can maintain an online business model, you will be better served to have one in place right now

  2. Stay connected with the business community: There are a number of spaces and platforms that are providing resources for companies to survive and thrive. Organizations like the Michigan Venture Capital Association are connecting companies to resources they might need during this crisis. And Ann Arbor Spark just released their Business Recovery Center so that businesses can get what they need to adapt in today's climate.

  3. Hire more remote workers: This goes without saying. But to facilitate your transition to a digital space, you're going to need people with experience who can help you get there. And that means you have to hire more remote workers with experience in the cloud. There are quite a few people with that experience over at the GDI TalentHub. It's a platform where you can find people that meet your needs and it's free for any candidate to sign up. More info on that here.

Overall, as we keep trying to find a balance, let's remember that thriving comes from innovation and a willingness to adjust and push even through the hard times. Covid-19 won't be forever, but the decisions we make now will make a huge difference going forward.

Stay safe, and take care!

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