Guiding Clients to Optimize IT Costs


By Tom McKenty

Gartner recently published a very concise article entitled “The Top 10 Cost Optimization Ideas.”

I think most people would agree that each of the ten items listed can help improve efficiency and ultimately lower costs.  At the same time, none of these ideas are “automatic”; each requires a detailed plan of execution and spawns additional costs on their own.  Without a well thought out plan, such costs could easily out run whatever savings an organization is hoping to achieve.

As an example, No. 9 suggest implementing capabilities such as “Agile” among others.  While there are different schools of thought around Agile, I think most would agree that implementing it across an organization is no small feat.  Such an effort calls for advanced planning and a clear organizational commitment involving all major stakeholders and a should be carefully considered.

As I see it, each of the 10 items on the list require similar research, planning and commitment in order to reap the hoped for benefits.  A sound business case should be built around each initiative with the expected costs and savings spelled out.  This is where working with trusted partners who have experience in one or more of these areas can really help an organization.  A knowledgeable guide can make all the difference in helping an organization understand the effort needed, the areas of risk and how to mitigate them and ultimately, what benefits to expect for your efforts.

All the best on your initiatives!

GDI has been working with our clients for years to help reduce costs and gain efficiencies. Let us know if we can help you with your cost optimization efforts.