"Diversity and Inclusion"​ isn't just a #trend. It's vital for growth.

It may seem popular to make a carefully worded post, but it means nothing if it's not applied in your workplace.

The recent protests have sparked a global conversation. You've probably seen the social media posts from various companies across the nation about "saying no to racism". It's a nice sight to see. It proves that the companies are aware and actually listening. But simply saying "no" does nothing to influence what's happening within a company's culture. Change is so much more than a post on social media. The fact is that companies have to do the necessary hard work and have uncomfortable conversations about their hiring processes and culture. How are your biases affecting the way you work? How are your leaders taking steps to rectify said biases? How are you helping your employees, including the minorities in your office, grow?

Change is more than a post on social media

There are a number of arguments for developing diverse talent in the workplace. I wrote specifically about how diversity pushes the tech industry in this post. The general gist of it is that when you have multiple voices from different backgrounds working together to achieve a goal, you can reach it so much sooner in an effective, efficient and profitable manner. It pushes innovation. There's substantial research to back that up.

What I'm presenting before you today is the value argument. Quite simply, it's that companies that don't invest in creating a diverse workspace end up with a company culture that's stagnated and out of touch. That's partly why so many companies released statements professing their dedication to diversity and inclusion. They value the importance of an inclusive workspace and what that means to the community.

What I'm also presenting to you today is the moral argument. Ensuring that the workplace is inclusive and safe for all people does a lot for your employees, their families and the relationships that they build with each other.

I'm proud to work for a company that sees diversity not as a quota but as a standard. When recruiting, we look at qualified people from all backgrounds. Our leading principle being that they need to be the Right People in the Right Seat. You can read more about our 360° methodology here.

We ask the important questions. Such as:

  • How do they fit into the company's culture?

  • How does their personality mesh with the role?

  • How can they make a difference?

  • How can the company benefit them?

Doing this helps us to keep making a difference for the organizations, companies and communities we serve. In addition, our workplace boasts of talented people from different backgrounds and varied experiences who have all come together to dedicate themselves to the goal of putting the right people in the right seat. There's a lot to be proud of as an employee of this company.

I hope that you can say that you're proud of yours too.