Company Culture Goes from Behind the Scenes to Center Stage in HR Tech Recruitment Strategies

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CIOs and tech leaders are becoming more concerned with how they can retain IT talent within their organization than they are with recruiting new talent. The price cost and time consumption of recruiting new talent is more than many organizations can afford. Everyone is interested in retention strategies to retain their top talent. Now, employees are seeking more opportunities, professional growth, and “unusual” benefits – one major benefit being a thriving and exciting company culture.

  1. Let your employees have a say. Company culture is usually developed by the leadership but the employees are what really make the culture what it is.  When interviewing highly qualified candidates, ask them what type of work environment they’d like to work in and how much flexibility do they prefer throughout the work- week. From there, tailor your culture around that. Flexible work environments are becoming increasingly popular due to the shift in a healthier demand for work-life balance.

  1. Turn team members into company ambassadors. It’s not enough for tech leaders to say how great their company is- it takes their team to agree. When you have happy a team who look forward to coming to work everyday, the company culture grows itself.

  1. Get a return on involvement. Prospective team members now more than ever want to feel like they’re working for a company that is contributing to the “greater good.” Encourages employees to volunteer in the community and create opportunities for them to do so. Award employees that are performing meaningful community service while being ambassadors for the company.

  1. Embrace the world of social media. Companies are going to have to become more social media savvy if they want to woo the millennials as well as the Generation Zs. If a prospective candidate can’t Google you and get a glimpse of what it’s like to work for your company, they could become hesitant and skeptical to even apply. In a nutshell, IT companies will have to become more creative with selling themselves socially- through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even video platforms. The companies that are the most desired to work for are the companies that have a targeted strategy on how to market themselves to potential employees. By increasing your digital relevancy and peeling back the curtain to your company, you’ll begin to attract the next and current generation of innovative, skilled talent.