Back to Basics!

This is a good time to be an HR professional. There is a plethora of tools, technologies, and software that one can buy since all of them claim to make you effective in your HR profession. However, all of these use terms such as Recruiting, Human Resource ManagementTalent Acquisition, and Talent Management interchangeably, despite being different functions. So, before you jump in this profession and/or invest in technology and tools for your HR department if you are already in this profession, understand these terms and their impact on organizational efficiency. Here is a short, back to basics piece to clear the confusion.

Talent acquisition is the process of finding and acquiring skilled human labor for organizational needs and to meet any labor requirement. Many people think that the terms recruitment and talent acquisition are synonymous, but companies who keep an eye on the big picture know there’s an important difference between the two. Recruitment and talent acquisition are comparable to short-term and long-term—quick fixes versus long-term planning. Recruitment is about filling vacancies. Talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for your company. Talent acquisition tends to focus on long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a very specific skill set.

Human resource management is a contemporary, umbrella term used to describe the management and development of employees in an organization. Human resource management involves developing and administering programs that are designed to increase the effectiveness of an organization or business. It includes the entire spectrum of creating, managing, and cultivating the employer-employee relationship.

Talent Management is the ongoing process of developing and retaining employees throughout a company. The HR department designs and implements policies that facilitate employee training and internal promotions, so that the Talent Management team is able to create development plans for staff members. Talent Management helps companies engage employees and prevent turnover.

Talent Acquisition is the foundation upon which great companies build their Talent Management function. Here are six steps to build out your Talent Acquisition function:

  1. Conduct workforce planning

  2. Build your employer brand

  3. Source and recruit job candidates

  4. Leverage recruiting technology

  5. Develop an effective onboarding program

  6. Utilize data analytics to measure up

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Swatee Kulkarni