Artificially Selected

There is a huge noise about AI – Artificial Intelligence – these days. Every field, from modern medicine to auto repair, is boasting about their field being in the forefront of using AI. So How is the staffing and recruiting industry faring in these AI-craze days? Here is our synopsis of using AI for recruiting.

Current advances in the applicability of AI-related technologies are reshaping the recruitment software tools available to the HR staff, specifically the ATS tools. These AI-based tools aim to bring efficiency and effectiveness to the HR recruitment function. They are implemented as an expert system and use natural language processing for evaluating job description and resumes.

A survey of recruitment tools using “AI” or “Machine Learning” in their description shows that these tools are aiming to assist recruiters by implementing one or more of the following features:

  1. Continuously building a pipeline of candidates by scanning social profiles. When finding high-in-demand skills, it’s important to look for people who may not be actively looking for jobs and informing them about the open position. There are several social media platforms such as LinkedIn, where people list their skills, preferences etc. AI-based tools visit these social platforms on a pre-determined frequency and pull profiles of people that match with the certain keywords defined by the recruiters.

  1. Continuously re-evaluating candidates in ATS against newly-open positions. As companies mature, the number of resumes in their ATS increases several-fold. As recruiters change employment, new recruiters lose track of which candidates their predecessors may have interviewed but did not select due to that candidate’s personal situation at that time. These AI-based tools go through companies’ own resume databases when a new job posting is created and bring matching resumes to the appropriate recruiters’ attentions.

  1. Sending automated and customized messages to prospective candidates on behalf of the recruiters. When candidates are reviewing job postings online and have questions (such as say, about the benefits offered by the company), they expect immediate answers without spending too much time or having to wait for someone from the benefits department to call them back. Furthermore, when they send their resumes to a company, they expect immediate feedback. Chatbots are AI-based tools that are widely used by many companies to interact with the candidates when they are reviewing the job postings. They also “chat” with candidates by sending pre-formatted messages at pre-determined frequency.

Each of these tasks, if performed manually, will take several hours of the recruiter’s time and may introduce human errors. By automating these repetitive tasks and bringing natural language processing features, the AI-based tools also lessen the recruiter burn-out.

Overall these AI-based tools are built to help recruiters with talent acquisition and candidate attraction,  not to replace the recruiters!

Swatee Kulkarni Executive Vice President, GDI Infotech