After 25 years, GDI’s founder Bhushan Kulkarni shares his story

Bhushan Kulkarni, GDI Infotech's founder, shares his story.

Bhushan Kulkarni, GDI Infotech’s founder, shares his story.

When we came together to kick off GDI’s 25th year, it was natural for all of us to reminisce about the past: employees, clients, fun events and some heart-wrenching moments.

Entrepreneurship…has taught me humility, and influenced the person I am today. Bhushan KulkarniWhen it all began I had little experience but a lot of confidence to build a unique company that would thrive through challenges. GDI began as a engineering consulting firm, but with the Internet boom on the horizon, I realized the need to shift gears to Information Technology. From the .com bust through the economic depression of the early 2000’s, we’ve faced some major obstacles.

However, the entrepreneur in me has always rose above adversity and I persevered alongside GDI’s clients and employees. Instead of closing up shop, we took the data management platform that we were building and launched a separate software product company, InfoReady Corporation. Entrepreneurship, through both GDI and InfoReady, has taught me humility, and influenced the person I am today. The connections that I’ve made during the past 25 years have become integral part of GDI’s story.

At the core, GDI lives on because of the people we are proud to serve. Please join me as we share 25 Stories for 25 Years: stories; from some of the first clients that we served, to consultants whose careers we helped shape, to the newest members of the GDI family. Our success is driven by the experiences of our clients, consultants, leadership, and community partners. There’s no better time than now to share these with you!