A Vision of Change

Project Managers in the Technology World

Project Managers are agents of “change management.” They are people who can bring, manage, and direct change within an organization They are people who can see beyond today’s challenges, and can envision the opportunities that their changes will bring. They are storytellers, they are visionaries, and they are leaders. A seasoned Project Manager can see the changes they want to bring to an organization, and guide their team down that path effectively.

Storytelling is an important role of the project manager which gets mostly overlooked. To be effective as a project manager, you need to tell the current story, the vision story, and the story of the journey which connects the two.  Each story needs to involve the audience; your project team members.

As a project manager you need prompt, direct and respectful communication. This means avoiding the communication procrastination. Communication needs to be specific – set specific deadlines, set specific expectations, and most importantly, set specific goals. Effective change management suffers from lack of prompt communication, lack of specificity and lack of focused attention. In today’s connected world full of interruptions, your responsiveness and single-minded attention is your currency.

Use it wisely.

Swatee Kulkarni EVP, GDI Infotech

These are my takeaways that were inspired by the wonderful and insightful conversations I had with the project managers of 2019’s Project Management Institute Great Lakes Chapter Conference.