7 Reasons to Make the Move to Cloud Storage

By Madhuri Deshpande

Based on a recent IBM article on Accelerate IT Operations with Cloud, today’s IT leaders are in a challenging situation about allocating their resources for system maintenance vs fulfilling demand for technology innovation. Up to 70% of the IT budget is spent on systems maintenance and operations, basically just to keep the systems running. This is not a valuable use of time and money as it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain and upgrade the systems all while responding to new application development demand from the business.

Many IT departments are choosing to move to cloud storage to take their operational burden away in order to focus on business demands and innovation. We at GDI have built a robust and secure cloud platform on which now we can build and deliver cloud solutions for our customers much faster. We have found that more and more customers are prone to work with us to build their cloud solution or use one of our solutions that we have already built.

Here are 7 reasons our customers opt for a cloud solution:

Competitive advantage Up and running in fraction of time No infrastructure maintenance headaches Pay per usage model Automatic upgrades Improved efficiencies Ability to focus on the core business and innovate!

Customers do worry about the data security though. As long as data is secure in the cloud, more and more organizations will go for cloud solutions. Companies are relying on cloud to keep their data secured, just like we rely on bank vaults to keep our valuables safe.

At GDI, we are focused on delivering innovative, affordable and secure cloud solutions.

Madhuri Deshpande is the President of Technology Solutions at GDI Infotech. She has built extraordinary solutions for companies of varying sizes, in different verticals and at various stages of their life cycle from start-up to second stage growth companies to well-established mature companies. Click here to connect with Madhuri on Linkedin.

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