3 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Should Work with an IT staffing Firm

By Swatee Kulkarni


A study performed by Dr. Andrew Chamberlain revealed that the time to hire has increased significantly since 2010, partly due to new hiring strategies and screening methods. With time-sensitive projects, the growth of your company could be lagging. Here’s 3 reasons why your company should be working with a staffing firm, such as GDI:

  1. Technical Experience. IT staffing firms typically have recruiters that actually know your requirement inside and out because we have become familiar with the language, know what skills are needed to for the requirement, and can identify which candidates would be a great fit for the position. It’s not enough to work with a staffing firm but you should work with a staffing firm that specializes in IT because they are experts in sourcing candidates for technical positions.

  2. The Right Tools. Not only do IT staffing companies have an extensive network of IT professionals, but they have the software to find passive but qualified candidates. At GDI, we use our AutoMatch technology that delivers fast and accurate results. Technology aside, staffing companies screen the candidates for you by providing background checks, phone interviews, and if necessary will administer skills tests.

  3. Proven Expertise. IT staffing companies work with some of the most innovative and well-known companies in the world. You can be assured that they can provide the best candidates for your technical position because they have the experience and positive relationship with past and current clients. When you can trust the staffing company that you work with, it takes away the worry.

What are some challenges that you’ve faced when hiring for your IT positions?