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Promote growth in local businesses across your community


Chambers of Commerce play an essential role in building up local businesses within the community. They spend time, effort and significant resources to provide educational opportunities and assist businesses with the latest marketing and promotional techniques. The problem is that the wealth of information isn't being communicated effectively. Especially when local businesses need that information now more than ever.

The Engagement Hub solves that by being a cost-effective, one-stop shop for all events, forms, opportunities, resources and services available.


We're putting information in easy to read carousels that people care about.

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"A Netflix For Information"

Local Coffee Shop


Local Chambers of Commerce are interested in generating effective cross-promotion between the services and activities they offer. To do this, they need a centralized location for all available events, opportunities, profiles and other promoted activities to consistently build engagement and drive value within their member organization.

The Engagement Hub is designed to be that platform. As a centralized web marketplace, it:

  • Visually aggregates all activities into an attractive "Tiles in Carousels" format.

  • Makes it easy for visitors to find what they need

  • Allows for effortless cross-promotion

  • Takes event RSVPs and payment integration