GDI Infotech is a successful, reputable and community-minded Talent Matchmaking Company focused on all aspects of software development. Since our founding in 1993, we’ve guided countless clients to achieve their unique hiring goals. We believe in building company culture using our proven 360° methodology to create successful teams.


We've found our success over the last 3 decades by understanding that talent is the number one roadblock in the tech industry. We are able to remove this roadblock and help companies thrive fast. That's because we put the right people in the right seat. GDI's clientele ranges from early stage startups to some of the largest enterprises in the Midwest.

Modern Work Space

As a Talent Matchmaking company, we see talent differently.

Most recruiters see the hiring process as a hard skills game. They believe that if a candidate has a certain number of years of experience and they have a certain type of educational and industry background, then they are the right fit for the job.

We believe this is a narrow-minded view of talent.


GDI strongly believes that companies survive and thrive based on the people they have working for them. While strategy and funding are critical for every organization, having the right talent is crucial for long term success. With the right employees on board, business leaders can focus on implementing their strategies successfully. That's why we specialize in finding those people.