Expert Consultants

Companies like yours are planning game-changing initiatives and big expansions. Your projects require talented, expert consultants to not only produce high-quality results, but to meet increasingly aggressive targets.

GDI has built a strong network of such talented consultants who have expertise in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence field.  We understand what it takes to complete IT projects because we have run our own projects and we have delivered projects. We bring our expertise to help you run your projects efficiently, on-time and in-budget. These consultants are available for:

  • Contract project work on as needed basis
  • Dedicated to your short-term or long-term projects
  • Direct hire placements as part of your team

Flexible delivery models include fixed price projects, T&M projects, onsite or offsite delivery teams. For more details about these candidates, email

  1. Architect of Business Intelligence Initiative: Consultants who understand data security, data architecture and reporting needs of the organization
  2. Implementation of Business Intelligence Tools: Consultants with expertise in tools such as OBIEE, Business Objects, Qlikview and PowerBI
  3. Data Scientists / Engineers: Consultants to build a predictive model using your data