Technical Business Analyst with Data Mining and QA Experience

Swatee Kulkarni Vetted Candidates

Please contact us on 734-477-6900 ext. 241 for this candidate.

We have Senior Business Analyst available for contract positions. Her qualifications include:

• 10+ years in the Information Technology Industry as a Business Analyst/QA Specialist.
• Well rounded expert Industry sectors – Automotive, Manufacturing, Financial, Government, and Healthcare.
• Expert in business process engineering and software development life cycle, including analysis, reporting, design, development, testing and implementation of enterprise software applications.
• Expert in Business Case Analysis and Gap Analysis (“As Is-To Be”)
• Mastered the ever-changing requirements life cycle, and communicate requirements of complex rules effectively with internal and external clients.
• Expert in communication with business and technical units from initial requirements to final implementation.
• Understanding of Digital Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Operations.
• Expert in Triage and Defect Tracking.