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The Right Offerings

GDI has flexible offerings and resources to meet your Information Management needs.

  • Quick delivery and deployment of solutions
  • Product visioning and development
  • Technology Projects consulting
  • Talent Acquisition and Staffing

The Right Tools

GDI delivers new applications and enables cloud-based information collaboration communities with the InfoReady Platform configurable pre-built tools and functions.

FIND the information you need quickly
ACT and collaborate easily with social tools
TRACK and report automatically on-demand

The Right Methods

Visualize the outcomes and breeze through requirements and application development with GDI's Storyboard Outcomes Process.

GDI offers Cloud-based SaaS Solutions to reduce infrastructure, maintenance and hosting costs.

GDI delivers easy to use information discovery and collaboration solutions. We deploy internal and external portal applications. These solutions make your information repositories actionable by creating cloud-based, secure workspaces. GDI solutions require no user training and substantially less time to set up than enterprise information management products.

The Right Offerings

GDI delivers configurable solutions for Information Management. GDI has the talent & teams for your IT Consulting needs. GDI can manage, develop, or staff your IT projects using our flexible delivery methods.

The Right Tools

GDI delivers solutions using the powerful InfoReady Platform. The Platform enables GDI to develop information discovery and collaboration applications quickly and at far less cost.

The Right Methods

The GDI Visual Storyboard Process speeds up the requirements validation phase. In addition, customers can take advantage of GDI's cloud-based SaaS solutions to enable faster, more efficient and cost-effective deployment.