Happy New Year!

By Madhuri Deshpande, President of GDI Infotech


15740857_602534483289775_5662617852600610822_nAt GDI Infotech, we’re amazed that it is already the end of 2016. We’ve connected with over 2500 talented IT candidates and matched these individuals to positions by their skill and expertise. Not only are we excited about talent, but also the growth of our client base – we’re proud to provide solutions to a diverse and dynamic group of organizations!

We are also excited about our recent work with InfoReady Review™, the SaaS platform that grew out of GDI Infotech back in 2010.

You can watch this short video about InfoReady Review™  and contact us with more questions at madhuri@gdii.com.

We’ll continue to celebrate the success of both our talented candidates and our thriving clients as our team jumps into 2017.


To see our currently available candidates, from IT professionals to Project Management experts, click here.

As always, open positions will be regularly posted on our website. We’ll also keep you updated with the latest developments with the GDI Infotech Newsletter.

Happy holidays, and all the best for a successful new year!