Data Analyst with expertise in SQL Server, Hadoop

Direct hire position with our client in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Send your resume to

Job Duties:

  • Store large amounts of data (hundreds of millions of transactions per day) in Hadoop and Hive.
  • Process data in Oozie or Azkaban jobs using SQL and Python.
  • Analyze and distill data into OLAP systems using SQL Server Analysis Services or similar products.
  • Aggregate and store data for highly performant retrieval from Amazon Redshift
  • Write reports using SQL Server Reporting Services and Excel.
  • Ensure integrity of the business and usage data through careful attention to detail and responsible archiving of data in a highly available way.
  • Establish what data the company has, what data still needs to be collected, and how best to get at it, in order to fulfill business requirements both present and future.


Significant experience with more than one of the following:Enterprise

• Relational databases & SQL

• Data integrity and verification

• Reporting and analytics

• Big Data tools such as Hadoop, Hive, EMR, Redshift, Spark

• Distributed platforms such as Storm, Spark, or Hadoop


Depending on experience, successful applicants will show a growing track record of success or the groundwork to be an impactful member of the team. We’re looking for candidates that exhibit many of the following skills and attributes:

• Strong usage data and analytics background

• Writing and deploying code for Linux, Windows, and cloud environments

• Performance tuning experience

• Writes maintainable code and documentation

• Ability to accurately estimate time to complete a task

• Communicate effectively and efficiently

• Efficient at planning and executing

• Hands-on engineering experience

• Excellent problem solving and debugging skills