Who We Are

GDI Infotech is a successful and reputable Talent Matchmaking Company focused on talent for all aspects of the software development lifecycle. We use our unique 360° View Methodology to avoid false starts and help our clients maintain their growth.

We have found our success by developing deeper relationships with our clients over the past three decades. With a 360° view of clients’ needs, we are able to help them grow by putting the right people in the right seats.

 Where We Excel

Most companies screen resumes using number of years of experience and hard technical skills. Then they turn over the resumes that make it through these two criteria and education requirement. There’s so much more to a right match than the words on a page.

360° View

Our experts go beyond screening resumes to understand our client’s vision through their eyes. We deep dive into their team dynamics, culture and growth plans with a high level 360° view. After evaluating, we’re able to use the same methodology in candidate qualification to get the right match.

Right Person. Right Seat.

We’re not in the business of just filling a requirement. We care deeply about making both our clients and candidates successful. Finding the right person for the right seat is critical for the success of the company.



We are a talent matchmaking company.

We match job to a candidate by looking at the personality, attitude, and cultural fit. We match talented candidates to a role by looking at the team dynamics, role definition, and functional fit. We strongly believe that candidates and jobs matched using just hard skills lead to false starts.

For us recruiting is a science and an art.

Our team members have been working in the tech industry for years. They have mastered their craft and know exactly who to look for and how to qualify candidates using our 360° View Methodology for talent matchmaking.

We help minimize false starts, saving millions of dollars every year!